The Resisters


Your neighborhood is not what you think it is.

If you enjoyed the young Spartan training part of HALO: The Fall of Reach,

Or you liked the old Robert Heinlein Juveniles,

Or if you just like a good science fiction adventure,

Then this book is for you.

A long time ago, I wrote a video game prequel novel called HALO: The Fall of Reach.

Soon after I got a few e-mails from kids who said they never like to read, but they liked HALO, and they picked up and fell in love with my HALO books.

A “few e-mails” became dozens, hundreds, and then thousands—and I found myself pleasantly surprised as being a gateway for a new audience into the world of reading.

After reading the HALO novels, these fans would  write back, asking what else they should read. I’d suggest ENDER’S GAME and then the Robert Heinlein juvenile series, but found there was a shortage of good science fiction for kids. This is why I’m writing THE RESISTER series.

So…what is THE RESISTERS about?


From the publisher….

“In the tradition of Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury, Eric Nylund brings action-packed science fiction to a young audience with this riveting children’s debut. Twelve-year-old Ethan Blackwood has always known exactly what he wanted—to win the state soccer championship, get into the best high school, and become an astronaut. Then he meets Madison and Felix, who tell him something . . . insane. They claim that 50 years ago, aliens took over the Earth, and everyone past puberty is under their mind control. Ethan doesn’t believe it. But then he sees for himself the aliens’ monster bug robots and the incredible way that Madison and Felix have learned to fight them. So Ethan Blackwood has a choice: he can go back to his normal, suburban, protected lie of a life—or he can become a Resister. This is science fiction on the lines of Scott Westerfield and Cory Doctorow for middle graders.”


For sale everywhere April 26, 2011.