HALO: Evolutions

HALO: Evolutions is an anthology of short stories and novellas set in the HALO universe.

My novella, The Impossible Life and Possible Death of Preston Cole, chronicles the life and maybe the death, of the UNSC’s larger-than-life Admiral Preston Cole–the only man to consistently beat the Convent in space battles (although at a tremendous cost). He was the shining example of human ingenuity and resilience during the Human-Convent conflict, until his last final at Psi Serpentis where human and alien armadas clashed and a new legend was born amid destruction and death.

Tobias S. Buckell
B.K. Evenson
Jonathan Goff
Kevin Grace
Robt McLees
Eric Nylund
Frank O’Connor
Eric Raab
Karen Traviss
Jeff Vandermeer & Tessa Kum
Fred Van Lente
Art by Gabriel “Robogabo” Garza and Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier