Pawn’s Dream

Pawns-Dream-300x200Roland Pritchard has vivid dreams. Every night he dreams of the same magical realm: Meredin. But his dreams are becoming so real he’s no longer sure which world is real and which one is imaginary.

When he finds others who “dream” as he does…going to the same mythical realm, his “real” life gets complicated by deceit, mayhem, and a little murder—to protect one secret: his dreams are real.

Or to quote the people at Book-A-Minute SF/Fantasy:

Roland Pritchard: “My life stinks, but I have my dreams to escape.”
Eugene Rhodes: “Your dreams are real.”
Roland Pritchard: “Cool.” (learns MAGIC and POLITICS and DIPLOMACY)

This was my first novel…actually the first long piece of fiction I ever wrote. I started it in graduate school after I had read a particularly bad novel. I thought, why did this stuff get published? How hard could it really be? (Famous last words for aspiring writers everywhere)

Studying chemistry at the time, and having taken the absolute minimum English in graduate, I went to the library at UCSD and read every book they had on how to write fiction.

A year later, viola…Pawn’s Dream.