Dry Water

Dry-Water-300x200This novel was nominated for the 1998 World Fantasy Award.

Larry Nigitis is a writer running from his own future. He has the power of precognition and the ability to see ghosts—all of which drive him to, and keep him in Dry Water, a sleepy town in New Mexico.

Caught in a duel between a necromancer and a witch, Larry’s own sorcerous ability blossoms, and he makes the contest for power three-sided. The prize is the potent substance called dry water, which enables the possessor to change the world’s past, present, and future.

Roger Zelazny (who I patterned my early works after) died while I was writing this novel. The ghost writer Dolinksi, who appears in Dry Water, is my small tribute to Zelazny’s amazing talent.

Dry Water was written while on a 10,000 mile road trip around America and also in an un-air conditioned 1920 farm house in Central Florida.

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