Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise Cover ArtWhat if the SETI program wasn’t such a great idea? What if the key to surviving in the universe was staying hidden? Jack Potter, signal specialist and mathematician is about to find out exactly why sometimes it’s a good thing to be overlooked.

Jack has discovered an alien signal buried in cosmic noise which leads to trades with galactic businessmen…intent on something entirely different than earthly technologies. And if Jack survives his cosmic deals, he still has to survive the double dealing, corporate backstabbing, and assassination attempts from his fellow humans.

I wrote his novel when I was first employed at one of the largest corporations in the world–Microsoft. Transitioning from a rural life to the heart of the business world in 1998 came as a huge surprise to me and part of the culture shock is reflected in this novel, magnified a millions time to a cosmic scale, of course.

Signal to Noise concludes in its companion novel, A Signal Shattered.