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Hero of Thera

Hero of Thera
The ULTIMATE game.Are you good enough to play?

Are you good enough to survive?

The Resisters Series

The Resisters
…Your neighborhood is NOT what you think it is!

The Mortal Coils Series

All That Lives Must Die
The second novel in the Mortal Coils series: high school and war!
Mortal Coils Cover Art Mortal Coils
The children of gods and fallen angels….


HALO: Ghosts of Onyx Cover Art HALO: Ghosts of Onyx
The fourth novel in the HALO series.
HALO: First Strike Cover Art HALO: First Strike
The official story of what happens between HALO and HALO 2, the XBox games.
HALO: The Fall of Reach Cover Art HALO: The Fall of Reach
The official prequel to the wildly successful XBox game: HALO.

The Early Novels (1995-1999)

A Signal Scattered Cover Art A Signal Shattered
After you’ve unwittingly destroyed everything, what next? The sequel to Signal to Noise.
Signal to Noise Cover Art Signal to Noise
A brilliant mathematician cracks the code extraterrestrials have hidden in background noise and unleashes interstellar war…
Dry Water Cover Art Dry Water
A fantasy writer stumbles across age-old magics in a sleepy New Mexico town…
A Game of Universe Cover Art A Game of Universe
A far-future gambler risks it all in the wildest grail quest of them all…
Pawn's Dream Cover Art Pawn’s Dream
A dreamer discovers his dreams are a portal to another world…

Short Stories

<code>HALO_Evolutions</code> Cover Art HALO: Evolutions
The life and maybe(?!) the death of the greatest hero of the Human-Covenant war.
Elemental Cover Art Elemental
A science-fiction anthology to benefit orphans of the 2005 tsunami.
Crimson Skies Cover Art Crimson Skies
A tale of aviation and derring-do featuring the dashing aeronaut, Blake Paladin…