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You can now get signed books from me through Mercer Island Books.

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The Resisters series

Why write for middle readers (age 10-14)?

When  I wrote HALO: The Fall of Reach I received many  e-mails from kids who said they never like to read, but they liked HALO.

After reading the HALO novels, they wanted to know what else they should read. I’d suggest Ender’s Game and then the Robert Heinlein juvenile series, but found there was a shortage of good science fiction for kids.
That’s why there’s a RESISTER series.


The Mortal Coils series

What is the status of the series? When is the third book out?

The status is “limbo.”

The publisher has declined more books in the series. They have also denied my requests to revert the publishing rights.

We’ve had had good-natured disagreement on how and to whom these books should be marketed to. I’ve always thought that the YA market was ideal. Recent studies show that the largest segment of people reading YA books are much older (like me).

Many fans have written to me and asked to continue the series anyway (via Kickstarter, or self published, or finding another traditional publisher). The first step for me, though, is to recover the rights to the first two books, so I can re-position them properly, possibly even give the first one away for free to expand the audience.

So… all I can say at this point is to please be patient. Thanks.

How many books in the Mortal Coils series?

Five are planned. The first is called “Mortal Coils,” and the sequel is called “All That Lives Must Die.”


HALO Books

I have questions about the history, canon, the video game(s), and/ or future plans regarding HALO.

Sorry. I can’t answer these questions. 343 Industries (a part of Microsoft Game Studios) controls all aspects of the HALO franchise. They have the first, last, and only word on all thing HALO.

How did you get picked to write the HALO novels?

Eric Trautmann, then with Microsoft’s Licensing division, approached me to write that first HALO novel. I was the only qualified writer familiar with the (as yet unreleased) HALO property. I was working at Microsoft Game Studios at the time. So I was just at the right place and the right time. Trautmann needed it written, however, in seven weeks, and he knew I had a chance to hit that deadline from us having worked together on Crimson Skies fiction.

I have an idea for a HALO novel. How do I get it published?

You probably don’t. 343 picks the authors and decides which books get made—but they are very likely going to approach established previously published science fiction authors to write their novels. Please read this blog post for more details.

Will you be writing another HALO novel?



Earlier Novels

Is there another book in Signal to Noise / A Signal Shattered series?

Just those two. I blew up the Earth and re-booted the entire Jack-infested universe—that’s a hard act to follow.

I’m having a hard time finding A Game of Universe—any help? Can you sell me a copy?

Now available as a e-book so you never have to pay up to $200.00 for a used copy of the rare original paperback.

Is there a sequel to Pawn’s Dream?

At this time I have no plans to write a sequel, however, the Dreaming Families are part of the mortal magical families that are seen in the second book in the Mortal Coils series (All That Lives Must Die), and in The Enchanted Knot.


General Book Questions

Are you going to make a movie out any of your books?

I wish! It’s not something I can do on my own. A production company needs to buy or option the film rights first. That hasn’t happened (yet), but I’m  always talking with various production companies, so you never know.

Do you know where I can find fan-fic of your books? Can I send you my fan fic?

While fan-fic is flattering I cannot talk about or point you to sources of fan-generated fiction for legal reasons.


Appearances, Interviews, and Reviews

Can you come to my city to do a book signing or give a lecture?

I wish I could accept every request I get but I can’t due to an extremely busy schedule.

Can you answer questions for a school project?

Unfortunately, I am unable to help with all the school projects I get requests for. Hopefully you can get some of the answers you need from this page or my bio page. Also you can search on-line for “Eric Nylund interviews”—and those might answer most, if not all, your questions.


Writing Advice

I have a question about the writing process. Help!

Please look through my blog before you ask. I’ve written on several aspects of the art and business of writing. You may find the answers already there.

Can I send you samples of my writing or tell you about my ideas? Can you help me write an outline or query letter?

I’m really sorry. I’m unable to read others’ writing or offer advice on stories. I don’t have time and there are excellent legal reasons for me NOT to do this. Please do not send any of the above to me–you will not get a response.


Rights and Agents

Are subsidiary and/or foreign rights are available for your works?

Please contact me via my contact page.


Video Games

How do I get a job in video games?

Track the website of video game developers. Watch for job openings that appear and take a careful look at their requirements. Keep an especially watchful eye out for internships.

For you writers, write a sample script or download one of the many level editors out there to make a short sample game. It’s a great way to show you know what you’re doing to a prospective employer.

Also check out some of the trade schools/colleges that now have video game-development curriculum—they can help you learn the trade.

Or—you can go the indie route: make your own game. There are tons of opportunities out there if you have drive, guts, luck, and technical aptitude. Start small.