Scalagari Out in the Wild

I published The Enchanted Knot today on the usual electronic book-selling sites. The print-on-demand version is out too on Createspace, but it’ll take a few days to propagate to the rest of the retail websites.

Here is the entire cover (back blurb included) for your perusal:






I started The Enchanted Knot many years ago as a precursor to the Mortal Coils books—kind of a stepping stone between the saga of the Dreaming families in Pawn’s Dream, and the larger world I was beginning to imagine where many other magic-using families secretly control the world (and, of course, vie for power with one another). There’s more to the story of why this wasn’t published until now … but I’m saving that salacious bit of dirt for the non-fiction book on writing I’ll publish one day 🙂

I hope you like The Enchanted Knot.

I want to thank my family, friends, and fans for their overwhelming support. I couldn’t do this without you.


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Createspace Proof

I got the proof for THE ENCHANTED KNOT last night. Almost perfect.

EK CS COVERTo my eye the printed cover, however, is a tad darker than the electronic version. That’s to be expected I suppose since this is ink on paper rather than pixels and light. Next time I might adjust the gamma by a few percentages. It’s so close, though, that I’m not going to mess with it (and Syne tells me I’m slightly colorblind, anyway).

Other than that, it’s crisply printed on cream-colored (not that dull “recycled” paper colored) pages. Nice heavy paper weight. Tight binding.

Overall equal to, or exceeding, the quality of my “professionally” printed trade paperbacks.



The only downside: a dollar or two more than the trade paperbacks printed in large quantities. This is because these are one-off print jobs, so no bulk discounts.

All that’s left is to give the text a once over—making sure all chapters, pages, and words are accounted for—and then I’ll release the electronic and print-on-demand version next week!

Omertà Senza Famiglia.

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Getting Sucked In

I wrote a good lick today.

Before that I had to research what one character had said about a weird thing going on in their mind. (possession)

At first I didn’t find the passage I was looking for; rather, I started reading and got sucked into five chapters before I found the information I needed.

It’s a very good sign when your own writing no longer repulses you and entertains. 🙂

I’m sharing not to show off, but because the other, less-than-splendid moments in the writing process can be much more common. I’ve been advised by a more experienced writer to share my successes as often as possible. It’s supposed to be good for the soul.

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