Last Day at Amazon

Yesterday was my last day at Amazon Game Studios.

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping developers make great games (13 years at Microsoft and the last 2 at Amazon). Over 50 games shipped! Whew!

I’m so proud that the last three games—Lost Within, Till Morning’s Light, and Tales From Deep Space—garnered one, two, three-in-a-row Editor’s Choice awards in Apple’s app store. That was an especially nice way to exit.

The time, however, was long overdue for me to hit the pause button.

In order of priority I’ll be:

1. Spending more time with my family.
2. Writing more novels.
3. Picking up a few select side projects, consulting, and other “odd” jobs.

I’ve been absent from social media, but I’ll be posting more and not be so much of a ghost.

Stand by for updates soon.


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