On On Writing

About once a year I dive back into Stephen King’s, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I especially like the audio book because of the way King talks about writing. He has a lot of passion!

I would put this on my must-read list of books for beginners, save for one thing: Stephen King dislikes the notion of outlining. And I mean really dislikes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephen King’s work (when it comes to characterization you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who does a better).

But I use outlines. I like them. They free me to do my best creative work without worrying where the story is meandering off to. Long ago I came to accept writers who outlined and those who don’t. I believe all writers’ brains are just wired differently.

This caveat aside, King’s book is definitely worth reading. His work ethic is extraordinary. If for nothing else, you should listen/read this book if you want to jumpstart your writing motivation.

Speaking of which… I need to get back to my writing (new project titled: All that Lives Must Die) and get my minimum word count today.

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