Consulting Narrative Designer

When I left the video game industry to retire/stay at home parent/write next novel in the Summer of 2015, I immediately got emails from colleagues asking for a little help, a few worlds built, a few scripts revised, and so on … until I had so much business I had to turn people away (and explain how I was retired and just doing a few things on the side).

Well, with this update on Linkedin I’m not expanding my operations, but making the consulting part of my life more official. It also provides a way for people beyond my circle of friends to contact me, and let’s them see how far ahead I’m booked.

Good to know there’s the need for this kind of work out there! 🙂

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Missing Halsey Journal Pages

File this one under: Transmedia experiment.

(Mr. Long, please note!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.46.48 AMYears ago when we were putting together Dr. Halsey’s journal for the LIMITED and LEGENDARY editions of HALO: REACH, I had the idea that Halsey would have done something that went too far (even for her). The pages detailing what she did were ripped out (supposed by Halsey), and the HALO fans that bought the special editions received the journals — with these pages missing by design.

I remember our Art team had to source a company that would be able not only to print the journal to exacting specifications … but then RIP OUT BY HAND those pages (also to exacting parameters!).

At the time, we let slip thought the cracks a few unripped journals into the mix, knowing the fans would find and share the information. I forget the number, but there couldn’t have been more than five.

I thought it would take a few weeks at most for these unripped journals to surface….

OK.  So, I was off by a few orders of magnitude.

Looks like as of yesterday the pages were finally posted.


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Animated FOR

Just a quick note to say “thanks” for all the congratulations, comments, and questions regarding the animated FALL OF REACH adaption.

Please, however, direct all questions about the series to 343i.

I had absolutely nothing to do with this project. I found out like everyone else when 343i made the general announcement.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

This morning: over a hundred (!) emails asking what I think about the HALO 5 story and the FALL OF REACH adaptation. I haven’t got so many similar queries since Kilo-5.

My apologies, but I just can’t comment.

Kosher SymbolIt’s not Kosher for one writer to comment on another writer’s work—especially since in the past I’ve contributed to the HALO franchise. I either come off sounding like I’m currying favor with 343 or like I’m venting my spleen.

Neither is cool.

So … unless you’re the New York Times offering me a column on pop culture vis-à-vis video games, please go play/watch the latest HALO offerings and make up your own mind.

You know what you like 🙂

Thanks for understanding.


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Waiting for HALO 5

I got more than a dozen requests today that are a variation on: “You know people at 343. Can you please talk to them and get them to turn on my copy of HALO 5 early?”

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: This is highly unlikely as there are servers and/or other infrastructure that has to be turned on to make this happen, and it’s not on, and it won’t get turned on for both reasons technical and the tens of millions of marketing $$ tied to a specific release day … which is not today.

And more of an answer than you wanted: My pull with 343? You’ve got to be kidding. If I sent them an email on your behalf — they’re just as likely to ban you account!

Have patience. Stay strong HALO fans 🙂



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