AudioBoom Giveaway / Hero of Thera

I’ll be giving away copies of the audiobook version of Hero of Thera via AudioBoom!
It’s free to sign up on AudioBoom. Every week you receive a list of audiobooks you can get for nothing (fair reviews are requested).
Hero of Thera will be on the next emailed newsletter—8/8/2017
If selected I’ll send you a code to download the book from Audible (I have both US and UK codes).
Alas, I don’t have an infinite supply of such codes. If you’re interested in listening to Hero of Thera for free, best to jump on this ASAP 🙂
Thanks and happy listening,
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TLDR: HERO OF THERA Audiobook is out. Here.

I love audiobooks.

I have to confess, though, I’ve never been satisfied with the audiobooks created from my novels (Warlords of Recess is good, but alas, merely a short story).

HERO OF THERA is lightyears different.

Rising star, Jeff Hays is an extraordinary voice actor, and I was lucky to book him. I asked Jeff for the moon—things like “I need this voice to be like Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange. You know deep, lots of gravitas, yet has a wide emotional range—a notch less dry humor, oh, and more gamer-y. You got that, right Jeff?

…And Jeff nailed it.

(Sorry if you blew out your vocal cords a few times, Jeff! It was worth it. 🙂  )

This is the first audiobook that meets, and far exceeds, my bar.

Of course this might seem disingenuous and self-serving. I admit my tastes and your tastes might not be the same. If you’ve liked any of my work, however, please at least check out the audio preview and decide for yourself.


May your aim be pixel-perfect.


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Today I finished the interim big edit of the latest novel.

It’s an accomplishment of sorts for me, because this is my first adult novel-length project in a long time (six years, actually; scary how time flies when you’re working for someone else!), and it took a bit of effort to get back on this particular breed of horse.

Have to let it cool for a day or two and then I’ll give it a read, make necessary adjustments … and then off to my first reader.

Hopefully it will be out early next year.

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Roughly Done

finish-lineJust finished the rough draft of my latest novel.

It took seven months and weighs in at a respectable 107,000 words.

This particular novel was odd in many ways; I broke just about every rule of writing I’ve developed over the last 20 years. It sure was a fun ride, though. (I’ll blog about the whole story later).

Lots of editing ahead, but that’s OK. Getting the rough draft down is the hardest part for me. I actually enjoy the editing and polishing phases.

The novel is in the LitRPG genre (Ready Player One, Alt World, etc.).

I’ll be asking my video- and tabletop game developer friends and colleagues for blurbs early next year!  🙂  Please!

Someone suggested that I claim I did NaNoWriMo … in three days. I wish.

My heart goes out to everyone doing that this year. Good Luck!

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Missing Halsey Journal Pages

File this one under: Transmedia experiment.

(Mr. Long, please note!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.46.48 AMYears ago when we were putting together Dr. Halsey’s journal for the LIMITED and LEGENDARY editions of HALO: REACH, I had the idea that Halsey would have done something that went too far (even for her). The pages detailing what she did were ripped out (supposed by Halsey), and the HALO fans that bought the special editions received the journals — with these pages missing by design.

I remember our Art team had to source a company that would be able not only to print the journal to exacting specifications … but then RIP OUT BY HAND those pages (also to exacting parameters!).

At the time, we let slip thought the cracks a few unripped journals into the mix, knowing the fans would find and share the information. I forget the number, but there couldn’t have been more than five.

I thought it would take a few weeks at most for these unripped journals to surface….

OK.  So, I was off by a few orders of magnitude.

Looks like as of yesterday the pages were finally posted.


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