AudioBoom Giveaway / Hero of Thera

I’ll be giving away copies of the audiobook version of Hero of Thera via AudioBoom!
It’s free to sign up on AudioBoom. Every week you receive a list of audiobooks you can get for nothing (fair reviews are requested).
Hero of Thera will be on the next emailed newsletter—8/8/2017
If selected I’ll send you a code to download the book from Audible (I have both US and UK codes).
Alas, I don’t have an infinite supply of such codes. If you’re interested in listening to Hero of Thera for free, best to jump on this ASAP 🙂
Thanks and happy listening,
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TLDR: HERO OF THERA Audiobook is out. Here.

I love audiobooks.

I have to confess, though, I’ve never been satisfied with the audiobooks created from my novels (Warlords of Recess is good, but alas, merely a short story).

HERO OF THERA is lightyears different.

Rising star, Jeff Hays is an extraordinary voice actor, and I was lucky to book him. I asked Jeff for the moon—things like “I need this voice to be like Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange. You know deep, lots of gravitas, yet has a wide emotional range—a notch less dry humor, oh, and more gamer-y. You got that, right Jeff?

…And Jeff nailed it.

(Sorry if you blew out your vocal cords a few times, Jeff! It was worth it. 🙂  )

This is the first audiobook that meets, and far exceeds, my bar.

Of course this might seem disingenuous and self-serving. I admit my tastes and your tastes might not be the same. If you’ve liked any of my work, however, please at least check out the audio preview and decide for yourself.


May your aim be pixel-perfect.


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Hero of Thera Out Today

Are you a top-rated gamer?
Then you might have the skills to play the Game … where players are sponsored by actual demon lords, gods and goddesses, or Lovecraftian nightmares.

It’s always a mixture of excitement and apprehension on a book’s launch date.

Hero of Thera is finally out!

eBook and trade paperback editions now available on Amazon.

To all my beta readers, friends and colleagues, gamer and fantasy readers everywhere—you have been kind, encouraging, offered killer editorial quotes, and corrected at least a hundred thousand typos for me–my deepest thanks.

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Hero of Thera on Pre-Sale

My lastest novel, Hero of Thera, is available for pre-order on Amazon and Amazon UK.

This is a special novel for me. The relatively new genre of LitRPG (stories about gamers and games) feels like what I’ve been preparing for my entire life—an avid gamer since I was a kid, making video games for 15+ years, and of course honing my writing skills for the last two decades (still working on that last one…). 


The e-book is on pre-sale now (released June 1st!), the trade paperback (475 pages) will be available closer to the release date, and 6-8 weeks after that, the audio book (narrated by the amazing Jeff Hays) will be out.

Also check out the quotes from authors and gaming professionals on Amazon. Many thanks to my friends and colleagues in the industry. It’s an embarrassment of riches… and I am honored.

And last: If you like Hero of Thera, (especially all of you who have glanced at an advanced reading copy) please tell your friends or post on Goodreads. Your word of mouth counts for so much these days with a too-much-noise-not-enough-signal Internet.

I hope you enjoy reading Hero of Thera as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 


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Today I finished the interim big edit of the latest novel.

It’s an accomplishment of sorts for me, because this is my first adult novel-length project in a long time (six years, actually; scary how time flies when you’re working for someone else!), and it took a bit of effort to get back on this particular breed of horse.

Have to let it cool for a day or two and then I’ll give it a read, make necessary adjustments … and then off to my first reader.

Hopefully it will be out early next year.

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